Dagny Dagger - Loose Projectiles

Currently in final development. Designed with an exotic alloy core commonly used in nuclear power plants and jet turbines, the Dagny Dagger is designed to defeat body armor up to Level III UHMWPE with a standard 9mmX19 pistol.

All without meeting the federal definition of prohibited “Armor Piercing Ammunition”.

Loaded to our spec., this bullet not only penetrates body armor better than any other 9mmX19 projectile ever mass-produced, but also devastates soft tissue in excess of traditional expanding projectiles by virtue of novel APHP (Armor-Penetrating HollowPoint) technology. No longer will there be a choice between armor penetration and wounding capacity; the Dagger provides both. By objective standards, this is the highest-performing pistol combat projectile ever made, as heroic as her namesake.

Bring a Dagger to a gunfight.

Restricted availability due to logistical limitation.

100% designed, made, assembled, and packaged in the USA from American raw materials.

United States Patent No. 11371817

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  • Primary Purpose
  • Projectile Type
  • Energy
  • Velocity (SAAMI Spec)
  • Projectile Weight
  • Core Weight
  • Core Material
  • Jacket
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Package Quantity 250 Projectiles or 50 Projectiles
Primary Purpose Armor Penetration
Projectile Type APHP | Armor Piercing Hollow Point
Energy 515 ftlbs
Velocity (SAAMI Spec) 2200 fps
Projectile Weight 48 grains
Core Weight 42 grains
Core Material Cobalt Superalloy
Jacket Black PC
Bonding Adhesive Loctite 4014
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