Eddie Everyman - Loose Projectiles

Primarily designed for general Everyday Carry, this is our solution to offer firepower to the common man which is both economical AND superior to all other brands of 9mm ammunition on the commercial market. The unrivaled devastation of Dagny Dagger technology in unarmored targets, but favoring economy over optimal body armor penetration. Named for Eddie Willers, faithful sidekick and Everyman of undying spirit.

Loaded to our spec., this bullet not only exhibits both outstanding penetration and unequaled soft tissue devastation while shattering the 500-ftlb ceiling for 9mmX19 (515-ftlb), but also boasts the highest power efficiency and velocity on the market despite the lightest cartridge weight and recoil-per-energy, and it's lead-free to boot.

All other EDC projectiles are objectively inferior.

100% designed, made, assembled, and packaged in the USA from American raw materials.

United States Patent No. 11371817

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  • Primary Purpose
  • Projectile Type
  • Energy
  • Velocity (SAAMI Spec)
  • Projectile Weight
  • Core Weight
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Package Quantity 250 Projectiles or 50 Projectiles
Primary Purpose Everyday Carry
Projectile Type EPHP | Enhanced Penetration Hollow Point
Energy 515 ftlbs
Velocity (SAAMI Spec) 2200 fps
Projectile Weight 48 grains
Core Weight 42 grains
Core Material Enhanced Non-Beryllium Copper
Jacket Clear PC
Bonding Adhesive Loctite 4014
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