Piggy Popper - Loose Projectiles

The Piggy Popper is primarily designed as a close-range pistol-caliber hunting bullet, both penetrating deeper through hide and bone and opening wider wound channels than conventional same-cartridge ammunition. A significantly wider entry hole also encourages bleed-out. Appropriate to boost 9mmX19 performance for any application in hunting pigs or as a last ditch defense against dangerous animals.

Loaded to our spec., this bullet not only exhibits both outstanding penetration and unequaled soft tissue devastation while shattering the 500-ftlb ceiling for 9mmX19 (515-ftlb), but also boasts the highest power efficiency and velocity on the market despite the lightest cartridge weight and recoil-per-energy, and it's lead-free to boot.

Hogs will learn to fear 9mmX19 as never before.

100% designed, made, assembled, and packaged in the USA from American raw materials.

United States Patent No. 11371817

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  • Primary Purpose
  • Projectile Type
  • Energy
  • Velocity (SAAMI Spec)
  • Projectile Weight
  • Core Weight
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Package Quantity 250 Projectiles or 50 Projectiles
Primary Purpose Hunting & Dangerous Animal Defense
Projectile Type EPHP | Enhanced Penetration Hollow Point
Energy 515 ftlbs
Velocity (SAAMI Spec) 2200 fps
Projectile Weight 48 grains
Core Weight 42 grains
Core Material Standard Non-Beryllium Copper
Jacket Clear PC
Bonding Adhesive Loctite 4014
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